Your headshot should speak volumes about you. Eyes, warm and connected. Face, soft and relaxed. You, out there, standing in your space, owning it and feeling so good about yourself! It has nothing to do with your weight or your how your body looks. It's about allowing the light within you to be captured in camera to create something you knew was there inside of you, but may not have been photographed by anyone before.  The secret to a successful photographic session is allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It's the difference between a posed photo and a genuine, authentic, vibrant, REAL headshot that catches the attention of anyone viewing your photo. 




We won't let you leave until we have nailed the shot.

Not until you LOVE your images. 

We want you to love them so much you want to show everyone.

And it will happen. 

You will feel so good you will wonder what you were worried about.

We understand how important this is to you.










Subconsciously a list is being ticked off in your clients mind when they look at your Headshot and they may be thinking:


Can I trust this person?

Do they look professional?

Do they have kind eyes?

Is that smile real?

Do I want to work with this person?


Everyone has their own list and depending on what kind of professional they're looking for will determine the questions they are unconsciously asking themselves.


Having a professional headshot helps to strengthen your Personal Brand.


It not only amplifies your personality for the world to see, it also helps to leverage yourself as a professional in your industry.

Your Branding Headshot gives you credibility as someone who cares about the details and is serious about what they do. It should represent you in a way that illuminates your best features and highlights your true essence.  Your energy should be felt by the viewer!



Your headshot should be UNIQUE AND INDIVIDUAL - JUST LIKE YOU!


Deb's profile pic BEFORE her photoshoot
Compare Deb's old profile with two of her new Branding Headshots.​  Although she looks gorgeous in all of them, the new professional corporate headshots show her clients that she has invested in herself and is serious about her business. She now exudes confidence, fun and style. Deb is a Positive Life Coach. You can find her here at:

Emma & Priya

Emma & Priya's profile pic BEFORE their shoot
Compare Emma and Priya's old headshot image with their exciting new Branding headshots. They look stylish, confident, sassy and fun, but most of all they look like the professionals they are! You can find them here: