Personal Brand Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to look at your existing network and evaluate how you need it to grow to help you reach your goals

Just like your house needs a little sweeping every once in a while; it can’t hurt to also sweep the dust off your personal branding strategy.

Once you establish your personal brand, you’re not stuck with that brand for the rest of your life. Your brand should and will evolve overtime to continue to reflect what you have to offer to your network. Times change, demands change, and even your value to customers changes as you gain experience; it’s important that you keep your brand up to date with what you wish to represent.

Where to Start

I suggest starting the same way you did when you first sat down and discovered your why. Write down your best skills and greatest attributes. Ask your closest clients and peers what they think about working with you and what they feel you excel at.

Next, look at how your client’s needs have changed. Are you still addressing the same challenges that your original statement offered up? Reflect on how you’ve grown and think about where you want to be. Will your existing branding statement help you to get there?

Evaluate Your Presence

Hopefully, over the last year you’ve worked hard to get your personal brand out there. Review all of the channels that you’ve worked to get your voice on. These might include your website, social media, business cards, or flyers.

Is it time to freshen up your look?

Is your site easy to navigate, and do the images of yourself even really still look like you? Make an effort to keep you branding up-to-date and modern. Hire a Professional Branding Headshots photographer to create some fresh new images atleast every 2 years.

Read through and look at how relevant the information is. Does it still pertain to what you’re working to accomplish? Consider refreshing the content even if you are still working towards the same thing.

If you utilize testimonials in your communications consider switching them out with newer ones. For anyone who might have been scoping you out over time, this can help to enforce the fact that people like doing business with you.

Looking Forward with Strategy

Spring time is also a great time to re-evaluate your personal branding strategy, and brand audit is a great place to start to help you freshen up.

To start, take some time to reflect on the last year’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • What did you do over the last year that worked for you? Which activities didn’t work well?

  • What goals have you helped your clients reach over the past year?

  • What goals can you help them with this year?

  • What organizations were worth your time and investment? Which were not?

Next, look at your entire network. Separate your connections into a few different groups. Perhaps you have a Best Clients, Good Clients, Not Quite Clients, and Want to Be Clients. Start to walk through everyone on your list and segment them with the following questions.

  • Who are the people you helped the most? (Best Clients)

  • Who are the people who you provided a solution for, but you know there’s way more opportunity to help? (Good Clients)

  • Who are the people who seemed interested, but you weren’t able to successfully close a deal with? (Not Quite Clients)

  • Are there any people on your list that leave you wondering “Who the heck is that guy?” (Want to be Clients)

When you have them grouped, create an action plan for each individual segment and highlight 5-10 contacts in each that you’d like to focus on to begin with. Chances are your best clients receive the most routine communications from you.

How can you tailor your messaging to get a “good” client moved up into the “best” list?

How will you break down the invisible wall that will move your not-quite-clients into the good client list?

I suggest writing out some action items that will guide your touch points to help you move an individual from segment to segment. Some examples might be to mail brochure on your latest solution, share an idea to promote your expertise, or you might plan to run a workshop specifically targeted at a specific segment.

By planning out the steps you’re going to take to engage with a specific connection based on where they are in your segment groupings, you’ll be able to keep yourself accountable. To top that off, you’ll begin to identify what works best to motivate those you’re targeting, and you can roll-out that approach to more connections in any given segment.

Continue to Evolve

You don’t have to wait until spring time to make sure your brand is up to date. I suggest regularly evaluating how things are working for you. It’s important to keep your brand and all your marketing messages consistent and in line with what you’re trying to achieve.

Any other things that are important in revamping ans dprucing up your Personal Brand?

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