How Hosting a Workshop Can Build Your Personal Brand

Are you looking to engage with your network in a way that brings them value while also helping to develop a meaningful relationship with them? Perhaps you should consider hosting a workshop.

Whether online or in person – hosting a class or workshop can do wonders for your brand. It’s a chance to build trust and establish yourself as a valuable resource.

Think about it. What better way is there to show your audience that your brand is all about bringing value to the table? Hosting a class allows you to share your expertise and begin to position yourself as a key resource for your audience. Workshop's or Classes can help you establish your reputation as an educator, and make doing business with you so much more personal.

How to Get Started

If you’re considering running a workshop there are a few things you need to define before you go pushing out messages to your audience.

What do you want to achieve?

Successful workshops start first and foremost with a strategically defined goal. Do you just want customer contact information? Do you want to sell a specific product or service? Do you just want to show them you appreciate them with a free educational and inspirational event?

What will you discuss? For starters, think about topics that will teach your audience something that is beneficial to them and also happens to be something you’re passionate about.

Where will you host the class?

There are so many ways to host an event or class these days. You could look at local restaurants or conference facilities for a space large enough for the number of people you plan to accommodate. Could multiple people at your prospect’s company benefit from your class? Consider running the workshop on their premises to save time and money and to make it more convenient for the staff. You could host an online webinar for the people who can’t get out of the office, or even better, if you’re hosting an offline class, record and/or stream your presentation to increase your reach.

Will there be a fee associated?

Another item to consider is whether you plan to charge for the class. If you’re handing away a golden nugget of knowledge, maybe it’s appropriate to charge a minimal fee to attend.

What time of day will you host the class?

You have the whole day to your disposal. Depending on the place you decide to host your class, you may want to look at a breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon seminar or possibly an after work hours meeting.

Executing Your Plan

Once you’ve decided on place, time, and audience – it’s time to start pulling together everything you’ll need to execute a top-notch experience for your audience.

Determine the format of your class. Will you walk-through a PowerPoint or provide hand-outs to guide the discussion in the class. Once you’ve decided how you’ll present your information, you can begin to outline and gather presentation aids - videos, audio recordings, etc.

I strongly encourage outlining your presentation before trying to hash out each individual slide. The outline will help you make sure the class flows naturally and that you’re appropriately addressing the topic you selected.

Additionally, you’ll want to start promoting your class. Generate buzz by sending out emails, social media posts, maybe traditional snail-mail invitations. I suggest creating a since of urgency to boost demand by establishing a deadline for signing up and only allowing a certain number of attendees. Don’t forget to send out reminders to those you’ve not heard from the week before your registration deadline. Create an early bird special discount.

In the days leading up to your class, practice your presentation. The more you practice what you’ll be presenting, the more natural your flow will be. Your confidence in your presentation will help your expertise shine through.

Follow Up

A day or two after your workshop, make sure you reach out to all those who participated to thank them and make yourself available for any additional questions they may have.

Were there people who expressed interest but weren’t able to make it due to prior engagements or time restrictions? If you recorded your class, you could follow up with these individuals to share your recording and extend the reach of your workshop.

Do you have experience hosting a workshop? We’d love to hear how it went! Was it successful? Did it generate positive buzz for your business?

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