Whether we realize it or not, we all have a personal brand! It's been developing since we were born and strenghtens throughout our day to day actions and communications. It's our reputation, how others see us and the experience we provide those we do business with defines what our current brand promotes.

Does the brand you currently portray align with what you want people to believe your brand is all about? Yes, No? Don’t worry. It’s never too late to take control and start creating the brand that truly represents you so that you can provide the ideal experience for your customers.

Below we share five ways that you can embrace, nurture, and grow your brand into something powerful. It's easy to blend in with the others and become a wall flower. To stand out you don't need to be a big personality... but you do need to stand out. Your ideal client's need to find you.

1. Brand Discovery

When your clients hear your name, what do you what them to think? Should they think of a certain subject matter? Perhaps most importantly, why should they choose to do business with you over all the competition? There's more than likely lots of others doing what you do right?

It’s important to sit down and really reflect on who you want to be as a person and where you want your life to go.

Some items to ponder:

Who is your ideal customer? What matters to these individuals?

Outline your skillset & analyze their importance. Will they help you lead a happy life and enable you to reach your goals? Can they help you differentiate yourself?

Values are our emotional currency of life. They are our core principles that give meaning to our life and guide us in evaluating the choices we make. What matters most to you?

If you had to focus on a few key things that you do really well – what would they be? Being AMAZING at very specific items can help you define your specialty.

2. Focus On Discovering The Value In Your Brand

Once you’ve defined what it is that your brand stands-for, it’s time to start thinking about how you will provide value to those that do business with you.

How will they benefit from interacting with you? Do you help your clients work smarter with the resources you provide? The key is to create a clear and concise statement of what you have to offer that you can serve as the framework for all of your efforts moving forward.

3. Find Ways to Produce Value

Now it’s time to start breathing it into everything you do. Find ways to educate, inspire, and bring value to those who interact with your brand. Offer up an idea, give away an ebook, or run a workshop and share your knowledge. Don’t just tell them how you’re going to bring value to their business – show them! Be active and keep doing the do.

4. Be Consistent

When you're working to get your brand out there, it’s important to keep a consistent look and feel to your brand message. Now, I’m not saying you should go all Steve Jobs and start wearing the same attire every day, but creating a consistent brand message both online and offline is incredibly important to your success. With all the available communication channels available today, being consistent helps alleviate the chances for confusion and keeps your Personal Brand aligned.

5. Constantly Evolve

It’s no secret that what we stand for evolves over time. Your personal brand should evolve right along with you. As you begin to test out certain methods of engaging your brand’s audience adn ideal clients, don’t be afraid to change directions. If something is not working for you, it's OK to revisit and ensure the effort aligns with your brand and its goals. In the end, your personal brand is simply just your story. It should blossom and grow, just as you do!

Now ... Over to You - What else do you believe is important to consider when building a powerful personal brand?

Love you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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