Meet the Branding Headshots photography team!




Rena is an experienced and passionate photographer. She strives to ensure each photoshoot is a comfortable, easygoing and enjoyable experience, whilst capturing her client’s personality and getting that perfect shot. She’s passionate about portrait, lifestyle and landscape photography, and is continually striving to learn and improve. She also enjoys travelling off the beaten path, having been to Fairbanks, Alaska twice to photograph the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights). Rena is also fond of bears and enjoys spending time with her two pugs.



Photographer | Tech-guy


Ian is an avid and experienced photographer with varied and eclectic interests

including men's fashion, aerial videography and playing guitar. By day, he works

the camera, scans the spreadsheets and oils the tripods. By night, he schemes

and plots about world domination. Actually he just works the accounts.



Photographer | Personal Branding Strategist.


Ramona an established photographer with a successful studio specialising in

personal branding portraits. She is also an author, an internationally accredited

behavioural profiler and an expert in personal branding. Her extensive experience

in sales and marketing coupled with her background in coaching and counselling

has given her the passion and understanding to empower others to achieve

outstanding results.